Paola Garcia

Team Captain Team Shelly Race to 10K

Dear Friends,
When my 10 year-old daughter said she didn’t feel well, I noticed she had a temperature. I just gave her some Tylenol thinking it was the beginning of a virus infection. The next day she still had the fever and that evening she got sick to her stomach (vomit and diarrhea). During the following week her fever was above 101® F and persisted for 6 days, 2 days of which her fever went up to 103.5® F. A series of new symptoms appeared: rash and swollen extremities, watery eyes, black tongue which later turned white.
I took her to her Pediatrician where a lab test showed her liver was inflamed. Her Pediatrician mentioned she had the minor criteria of a rare disease called Kawasaki Disease, which causes inflammation to the internal organs. He referred her to a Cardiologist to check if her arteries had any degree of inflammation. The echocardiogram showed she suffered from this illness. She was sent immediately to the Lauren Small Children’s Medical Center at Bakersfield Memorial Hospital to receive an IVIG treatment.
You can imagine the degree of apprehension, worry and anxiety we felt when her Doctor was trying to get a diagnosis. Once the Kawasaki Disease was confirmed and was she sent to the hospital, I realized there was a possibility of losing her. There are no words to explain the sudden fear and helplessness I felt at that moment. It was like my whole self was spinning down a dark hole.

When she was in the hospital receiving her treatment, I knew we weren’t alone. The way the staff of the Lauren Small Children’s Medical Center were on top of every part of her care, gave me hope that everything was going to be ok. We explained to my daughter what was happening to her. We told her that it was fine to be afraid, that needles hurt but they were necessary to get her health back.

Seeing your child sick and not being able to do something to help her, makes you feel impotent and at the same time, it reminds you God is the only one who can keep you up. She is back to her normal life but she still needs to be under the Cardiologist’s care. I never imagined we were going to be in this situation. Her Pediatrician mentioned her case is as rare as being hit by a lightning. The possibility is very remote, but it still can happen. It happened to us.

I hope you will consider supporting my participation in the Race to 10K event. All contributions will benefit my local the Lauren Small Children's Hospital at Bakersfield Memorial. Any contribution will help, and all donations are tax deductible.

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