Bailey Marshall

Team Captain Bailey & Vanessa Doernbecher Ambassadors

Dear Friends,

Please consider supporting this event… all contributions benefit Doernbecher Children’s Hospital. Any contribution will help, and all donations are tax deductible.

Here is Bailey’s story as told by her parents and why they are grateful supporters of Doernbechers…

Our story started on April 7, 2012 when Bailey drank a glass of raw unpasteurized milk. Three days later Bailey was in the emergency room with severe abdominal pain, and vomiting. After an ambulance ride and a couple of days in another local Hospital, Bailey was diagnosed with ecoli 0157. When her kidneys began to shut down and her abdominal pain worsened she was transferred to Doernbecher Children’s Hospital and put under the care of their Pediatric Nephrology Department. Bailey’s ecoli morphed into Hemolytic Uremic Syndrome causing her blood to destroy itself and lodge in the small blood vessels in her body leading to the acute kidney failure and complicating her treatment. Bailey was in the hospital 28 days, with 24 days of vomiting, 18 days of dialysis, 4 blood transfusions, multiple doses of pain medications, 7 abdominal ultrasounds/x-rays, many bags of IV nutrition…and finally Bailey began to recover. Through this time the physicians hovered—testing, evaluating, and watching to confirm the illness did not take a turn for the worse and require emergency surgery. Always keeping us well informed about her condition, what the options were and when she would recover. Every moment we were there the nursing staff was incredible, kind and compassionate-- caring for Bailey and making a difficult situation easier.

We will be forever grateful for the exceptional care we received at Doernbecher Children’s Hospital. The competent lifesaving care Bailey received was extraordinary and helped our family to a happy ending. We enthusiastically join their fundraising efforts with the hopes the families that come behind us experience a happy ending as well.

In this season of giving, join us in donating to Doernbecher Children’s Hospital. Everything helps and donating online is easy-- just click the "Support This Participant" button at the bottom of the page.

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