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Date Event
2015/02/2002/20/2015 MetroThon 2015, The Metro School - 1929 Kenny Rd - Columbus, OH
2015/08/0108/01/2015 Team Ace
2015/11/2111/21/2015 Mr. RWU 2015, Roger William University - Bristol, RI
2016/01/1501/15/2016 Flip For Kids
2016/01/2501/25/2016 High 5 for Kids
2016/01/2801/28/2016 Norfolk Academy Lower School Read-A-Thon
2016/01/3001/30/2016 Dance For A Cause, Bethesda Chevy-Chase High School - Bethesda, MD
2016/02/0102/01/2016 Children Helping Children
2016/02/0802/08/2016 Driscoll Children's Hospital Radiothon
2016/02/1502/15/2016 One Skate for Many Hearts, Columbia Ice Rink, 5876 Thunder Hill Rd. - Columbia, MD
2016/02/1902/19/2016 MetroThon 2016, Metro School - 1929 Kenny Rd - Columbus, OH
2016/02/2702/27/2016 CPA Basketball Tournament, School of Public Health, UMD - College Park, MD
2016/02/2702/27/2016 Erskine College For The Kids, Moffatt Dining Hall - Due West, SC
2016/03/0303/03/2016 Baystate Children's Hospital Change Hero
2016/03/0503/05/2016 Ride for Miracles ATV Trail Ride, Amsterdam Tree Farm - Amsterdam, GA
2016/03/0503/05/2016 Terp Thon 2016, Reckord Armory, University of Maryland - College Park, MD
2016/03/0503/05/2016 Terp Thon 2016 Alumni, Reckord Armory, University of Maryland - College Park, MD
2016/03/0903/09/2016 2016 Radiothon, Arnot Ogden Medical Center Lobby - Elmira, NY
2016/04/0304/03/2016 Credit Union Cherry Blossom Ten Mile Run, Washington Monument Grounds - Washington, DC
2016/04/0304/03/2016 Credit Union SacTown Run - 2016, California State Capitol - Sacramento, CA
2016/04/0904/09/2016 Miles for Miracles
2016/04/1004/10/2016 Miles For Miracles, University of Toledo Main Campus - Toledo, OH
2016/04/1004/10/2016 Kent Color 5K, Kent State University Campus - Kent, OH
2016/04/1604/16/2016 Little Miracles 5k/10k, Washington Park - Springfield, IL
2016/09/1709/17/2016 "The One I Feed" Dance Benefit, Potomac Falls High School - Potomac Falls, VA
N/A ACE Hardware
N/A Augustana March Madness
N/A California and Nevada CU Leagues
N/A Camp Rays of Hope Virtual CAMPaign
N/A Camp Soaring Eagle Virtual CAMPaign
N/A Children's Hospital Central California
N/A CMN Hospitals | Direct Energy
N/A Dachis Hodes Wedding -IUDM
N/A Duke Children's Hospital
N/A Help Flint
N/A Megs in the Burg
N/A Remax Convention
N/A Sam’s Club Campaign
N/A Seattle Children's Hospital
N/A The Alexander Center for Neonatology
N/A The Alpha Eta Chapter of Phi Mu at LSU
N/A University of Iowa Children's Hospital
N/A REMAX Allegiance Making Miracles
N/A Camp Wheeze Away Virtual CAMPaign
N/A Camp Dreamcatcher Virtual CAMPaign

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