Registration for the 2023 ELCGC Cosplay Contest is coming soon!


  1. All participants must be registered ticket holders of Extra Life Chicago Gaming Convention 
  2. All costumes must conform to convention, jurisdiction, and state guidelines for public decency. Shoes are required.
  3. Profanity and obscene and/or lewd gestures are not allowed.
  4. Costumes and presentations shall not be used as a political, religious, etc. statement.
  5. Surprises are not allowed. Participants shall not jump off the stage.
  6. Participants must complete the registration form and waiver.
  1. Only one entry allowed per person.
  2. Participation includes going before our Lurie Children’s patient judges during a scheduled time.
  3. Do not wear or use anything that will damage, destroy, or ruin the costume(s) of other attendants or the hotel space. 
  4. Costumes must be self-contained. No connections to electricity, water, amps, projection, PA’s, etc. will be provided nor available.
  5. Contestants are encouraged to notify ELCGC if their costume has restricted movement, vision, or is otherwise bulky so we can best accommodate you.
  6. Contestants are also encouraged to inform ELCGC if they themselves have any physical or visual impairments that would require accommodations for walking on stage.

Those found to be in violation of these rules will be asked to leave ELCGC.

  1. Live steel is not allowed. This includes real swords, knives, blades, guns, etc. Prop blades must be fake and dull.
  2. No real weapons whatsoever, including airsoft guns. Prop weapons must be obviously fake. Prop firearms must have an orange tip with no projectiles loaded. All ranged weapons may not be tightly strung. Ammunition may not be carried onstage.
  3. Live projectiles are not allowed. Objects may not be thrown into the audience. 
  4. Replicas may not be pointed in the direction of another human being. 
  5. Fire, flames, explosives, flash powder, smoke, lasers, etc. are not allowed. Electronic flashes are only permitted with pre-approval.
  6. No smoke or vapor of any kind will be allowed.

Contact Jackie Lohr at [email protected] or send us a message on Instagram (@extralifechicago).