Upcoming Events

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Date Event
2000/01/0101/01/2000 Giving the Gift of Miracles!
2018/07/0107/01/2018 Motorcycle for Miracles 2018
2018/11/1011/10/2018 Kick It with Phi Mu, Gazebo Fields - Wilmington, NC
2019/03/0503/05/2019 94.7 WMAS Radiothon for Baystate Children's Hospital
2019/04/1304/13/2019 Phi Mu - Model For A Miracle, Noah Liff Opera Center - Nashville, TN
2019/04/3004/30/2019 MAOTeen Princess Camp 2019, Orange County Convention Center- Rosen C - Orlando, FL
2019/05/2005/20/2019 Vivint Solar & Children's Miracle Network Hospitals
2019/07/0307/03/2019 Super Hero 4 Kids
2019/09/0109/01/2019 Phi Mu Child Health Day 2019
2019/10/0110/01/2019 Nebraska CU4Kids 2019 Fundraiser
2019/10/0810/08/2019 Hiway Hockey Kids4Kids
2019/10/2310/23/2019 Duke University - Stand For The Kids Philanthropy, Duke University Bryan Center Plaza - Durham, NC
2019/10/2810/28/2019 Final's Care Basket Auction
2019/11/1011/10/2019 BullCon
2019/11/1411/14/2019 Phi Mu Casino Night 2019, College Avenue Student Center- MPR - New Brunswick, NJ
2019/12/1112/11/2019 2019 Children's Miracle Network Giveathon, Lauren Small Children's Center - Bakersfield, CA
2019/12/3112/31/2019 Marriott Participant Event Template
2020/01/0601/06/2020 Booster Gives Back
2020/01/1801/18/2020 Move for Miles Powerful Play 2020 hosted by SMU SAAC, SMU Indoor Performance Center - Dallas, TX
2020/01/1801/18/2020 Anatomy Fashion Show, Graham Center Ballrooms - Miami, FL
2020/01/2401/24/2020 BonnaMu
2020/02/0102/01/2020 Kettle for Kids-Kettlebell Sport Competition, Key Bridge Marriott Hotel - Arlington, VA
2020/02/0102/01/2020 Pennsylvania Beta's Miracle Making Donation Campaign
2020/02/0102/01/2020 Phi Delta Epsilon 9th Annual Benefit Ball
2020/02/0602/06/2020 Cheesin' for Children
2020/02/0702/07/2020 Moved to Extra Life, Twitch.tv - Austin, TX
2020/02/1402/14/2020 Flowers with Phi Mu
2020/02/1702/17/2020 WashU ZBT Philanthropy Week Spring 2020
2020/02/1702/17/2020 Phi Mu Carnation Sale
2020/02/2302/23/2020 Anatomy Fashion Show
2020/02/2602/26/2020 Phi Mu Miracle Man Pageant 2020, Budig Theatre in UC at NKU - Highland Heights, KY
2020/02/2602/26/2020 Phi Mu Miracle Man Pageant 2020
2020/03/0103/01/2020 Rainbow Radiothon on Cleveland's Star102
2020/03/0303/03/2020 Milkshakes for Miracles 2020, Phi Mu House - Hattiesburg, MS
2020/03/0303/03/2020 Phi Mu Milkshakes for Miracles 2020, Phi Mu House - Hattiesburg, MS
2020/03/0503/05/2020 Niswonger Children's Hospital Radiothon, Niswonger Children's Hospital - Johnson City, TN
2020/03/0603/06/2020 Casino Night 2020, Singin' River Live - Florence, AL
2020/03/0803/08/2020 BullSmash
2020/03/1003/10/2020 94.7 WMAS Radiothon for Baystate 2020
2020/03/1203/12/2020 Cheesin' For The Children, Phi Mu Chi Chapter House - Columbia, MO
2020/03/1403/14/2020 Mohigan Idol 2020, The MET - Morgantown, WV
2020/03/2003/20/2020 Mr/Miss HB pageant at Skyview High School, Skyview High School - Vancouver, WA
2020/03/2203/22/2020 LUC Phi Delta Epsilon Anatomy Fashion Show 2020, LUC Mullady Theater - Chicago, IL
2020/03/2503/25/2020 UM Phi Delta Epsilon's Anatomy Fashion Show
2020/03/2603/26/2020 2020 CMN All-Star Softball Game, Sunrise Optimist Softball Complex - Wichita Falls, TX
2020/03/3003/30/2020 Walt Whitman High School Charity Month, Walt Whitman High School - Bethesda, VA
2020/04/0304/03/2020 Miracle Gala, Griffin Gate Marriott Resort - Lexington, KY
2020/04/1804/18/2020 2020 Little Miracles 5k, Washington Park - Springfield, IL
2020/04/1904/19/2020 2020 Costco Boonies To The Beach, Yorba Regional Park - Anaheim, CA
2020/04/2204/22/2020 Day of Miracles 2020
2020/04/2404/24/2020 Carnation Bowl, Kent State University - Kent, OH
2020/04/2504/25/2020 RILEY TICKET TEST
2020/05/1105/11/2020 Marriott's 26th Annual CMNH Golf Tournament, Dinner & Auction, The Vinoy Renaissance Golf Club - Saint Petersburg, FL
2020/06/1306/13/2020 6th Annual Walk for Miracles, Detroit Zoo - Royal Oak, MI
2020/06/1406/14/2020 Model4Miracles 2020, Fierce Entertainment Studios - Orlando, FL
2020/09/1109/11/2020 13th Annual CMN Shotgun Golf Tournament, Westdrift Manhattan Beach - Manhattan Beach, CA
2020/11/2411/24/2020 TEMPLATE - COMPANY PARTY
2020/11/2411/24/2020 TEMPLATE - SOCIAL OUTING
2020/12/0112/01/2020 TEMPLATE - RUN/WALK
2020/12/0112/01/2020 CrossFit As Many Miracles As Possible - General, CrossFit [insert gym name here] - [insert city here], UT
2020/12/0412/04/2020 2020 Rainbow Radiothon
N/A 2019 Root Beer Float Day
N/A Aflac Childhood Cancer Campaign
N/A Aflac Childhood Cancer Campaign
N/A Anthem LemonAid 2018
N/A Become a Phi Mu Convention Miracle Maker
N/A CDW's 2018 Fun Drive for CMN Hospitals
N/A CMN Hospitals with Direct Energy Business
N/A Costco MW Golf Classic 2018
N/A Costco MW Golf Classic 2019
N/A Costco MW Golf Classic 2020
N/A Home Warranty of America
N/A Join Direct Energy Services
N/A Kendra Scott and Children's Miracle Network Hospitals
N/A Kendra Scott supporting Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals
N/A Miracle Market 2018
N/A Miracles Start Here with Nordstrom 2019
N/A Musket’s 7th Annual Drive
N/A Musket’s Drive for a Child
N/A No Longer Active
N/A Pay It Forward
N/A Phi Delta Epsilon Golisano Fundraiser
N/A Stand For The Kids
N/A Stand for the Kids - UCF
N/A Musket’s 6th Annual Drive for a Child
N/A Theresa Capital Demo
N/A Mission Critical Funding
N/A Anatomy Fashion Show and Stand For The Kids Week