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The Bullis Heartsongs team is committed to helping fund the Children’s National Hospital Housing Program. The Housing Program works to raise enough money so the cost of families living together during treatment is completely paid for, ensuring that families are able to stay together while their children are going through treatment. We believe that every child deserves to be supported by their families while going through treatment, and the Housing Program makes that possible. Please consider donating to this incredible cause to help families going through hard times.

- Bullis

(Team Leaders: Evan Greenleigh, Samantha Topf, VP: Darian Winston, Sedona Cohen, Members: Alana Gordon, Brooke Katz, Chloe Schwartz, Isabelle Hyman, Jake Weiner, Jordan Topf, Josslyn Schain, Noah Snyder, Olivia Hookman-Vassa, Olivia Peyser, Paige Rouse, Rebecca Eigner, Shane Mendelson, Tyler Winston)



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