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“Unity is strength. When there is teamwork and collaboration wonderful things can be achieved.” -Mattie Stepanek

We are raising funds to help families stay together while their child is undergoing treatment.  At Children’s National, the Housing Program is funded 100% through philanthropy, and many families rely on the hospital to provide accommodations and cover associated costs. On average, 300 families require housing annually at the cost of $400,000 and we need your help to make to meet this need. Every dollar counts! 

Here is why we decided to lead the St. John’s TWH team:

“Hi, I’m Claire! I am a sophomore at St. John’s, where I play lacrosse and field hockey. I am the Team Leader for this year's SJC Teens with Heart Songs! I first became involved with Teens with Heartsongs my freshman year. Both my older brother and sister have led this club at St. John’s, and I am very excited for my turn! Throughout my sibling's time of leadership with Teens with Heart Songs I have become very passionate about our purpose, to help build homes for these families who are in need. I wasn’t fully aware of this struggle until I saw it upfront.  A friend of mine from elementary school, Teddy, was in a horrible car accident in Savannah, Georgia in 2016. He was unconscious in critical care with multiple brain, spine, and body injuries. The doctors didn’t know if he was going to live.  Teddy’s parents had nowhere to stay for many months while he was in the hospital in Georgia and Virginia. I truly believe the last thing anyone should be worried about when in the hospital or when a loved one is in the hospital is where you are going to stay the night or your next meal. Everyone should be able to be there for their loved ones when they are struggling. When you are sick you are at your lowest, you need your family there to support you and be with you.

 “Hi, I’m Bella! I am a sophomore and lacrosse player at St. John’s. I am beyond excited to see what this has store for our team and how we can make a difference. I am completely devoted to this program because of the comfort it brings to families during challenging times. I am very aware of the expenses and hardships that correspond with having cancer and other traumatic injuries, especially when it happens to children. Therefore, the time and effort I fully intend to dedicate to this program comes from a deep desire to help people as well as to raise awareness for this important cause. I am so excited to work with and lead the St. John’s team this year, and to help make a positive impact on people’s lives!”

Thank you so much for helping us reach our goal!!

-The St. Johns Teen with Heartsongs team



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