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Dear Friends,

At JDS, we believe in the values of Tikkun Olam and Kehillah, repairing the world and community. Our mission is to support the families at Children’s National as they are a big part of our community. We believe it is crucial to help those in less fortunate situations. By fundraising for the Children’s National Housing Program, we are reducing the difficulties some families have to face when caring for their children. The students at JDS prioritize the well-being of both the hospital patients and relatives. With your support we can make a positive impact on the families and patients of Children’s National, taking one more step towards repairing the world.

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(Team Leader: Soleil Eschenlauer, VP: Tali Brenner, Members: Mia Endelman, Sophie Moyal, Eittan Rattner, Joseph Vaisman)



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