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Day of Hope

Join us on October 1, 2020

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COVID is changing the world.

The United States clearly feels the impact in so many ways. Our hospitals and caregivers are fighting the virus on the front line. But there are unintended consequences from COVID-19. There has been a steep increase in domestic and child abuse. The Mercy Health Trauma Recovery Center (TRC) is making an impact with these victims, but we need your help.

Sky Rocketing Figures. 

Since the beginning of this crisis the TRC has received 231 referrals with 41% of these being family/domestic violence/child physical or sexual abuse. The numbers are nearly doubled from what was seen last year. This jump in referrals is about to grow…. experts predict another spike once children start going back to schools and sports teams, where the will be seen by the mandatory reporters.

Due to this unexpected increase, we need your help. 

The TRC provides all their therapy sessions at no charge, thanks to a grant by the Ohio Attorney General Office and donors. But they also provide emergency housing, legal, transportation, food and clothing to those who have been a victim of a crime. The wishlist of items can make the difference for those going through therapy sessions or just need some necessities.  A gift of money helps cover the expenses of therapy, group sessions and special programs.





5:00 am to 5:00 pm



Toledo, OH


Megan Quimby

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