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Moonbeams for Sweet Dreams

Be the Light for Kids this December

Moonbeams for Sweet Dreams has gathered thousands of community members outside of Beaumont, Royal Oak each night in December to shine flashlights to remind pediatric patients they aren’t alone. The cherished tradition started four years ago by Beaumont Children’s nurses and child life specialists as a way of helping Beaumont’s youngest and bravest patients feel connected to their community during the holiday season. With social distancing guidelines due to COVID-19, Moonbeams for Sweet Dreams will be conducted virtually this year. 

To keep the tradition going, Beaumont Children’s is needing your support. Rather than gathering together outside, this year will offer ways to support pediatric patients and families from the safety of your home. To get involved: 

We hope you'll join us by:

Donating a Moonbeam

 Each child admitted to Beaumont Children's during the month of December will receive a Moonbeams for Sweet Dreams backpack. Backpacks will contain supplies that will bring the event to the patients inside of their rooms. Backpacks will contain fairy lights, glow sticks, moon light up pillows, light up wearable items and an invitation to join us outside next year for the traditional Moonbeams for Sweet Dreams event.

Each backpack costs $50. To make a contribution, click the donate button above. Thank you for your support!


Sending a Sweet Dream

Hospitalize children can feel isolated from the world and have a hard time setting in for a good night's sleep. To ensure our children and their families experience the outpouring of love and support, we set up a virtual platform to wish them sweet dreams and goodnight.

To send a virtual Moonbeam message, visit the website here.

To learn more about this event and how to support pediatric patient at Beaumont Children’s, visit the website at  



12/1/2020 - 12/31/2020

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