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Bears of Love 2021 Fundraiser

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We are very excited and honored to partner with Children’s National Hospital and the Children's Miracle Network this year as we kick off our fundraising season.  Like in year's past, we are hoping to donate teddy bears to provide comfort to the kids receiving treatment at Children's National. We are are also setting the bar higher this year and we need your help!

Our goal for 2021 is to raise the funds to purchase our usual teddy bear donation and to purchase a T1 Hamilton portable respirator. This piece of equipment is used in emergency transport situations where having the right ventilator fitted for a baby could save a child's life during transport in the helicopter or ambulance to Children's National Hospital. Having their newborn baby start life in the NICU is not something any parent-to-be could ever imagine. The chances of survival often rest with the provision of adequate ventilatory support, however this in itself can place significant strain not only on the tiny patient, but also on the caregiver.

Thank you for your continued support,

Candy and Lisa


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