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Erika Gilbert

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Pediatric Behavioral Health Unit

This past year, as the pandemic raged and social isolation limited access to school, friends and other support systems, our Pediatric Emergency Center saw an average of 27 mental health patients per month, up from 15 patients per month during the same period the year before.
We are the only dedicated pediatric healthcare facility between Atlanta, Georgia and Tallahassee, Florida, and as such, have more than 45,000 patient visits each year, of which approximately 25% come through our Pediatric Emergency Center. With nowhere else for families to turn, these children are at great risk. 
To address this crisis, it is our desire to create a four-room behavioral health unit within the Pediatric Emergency Center which will be a protective environment where behavioral health patients can be cared for and closely monitored by staff. Within this new unit, each room will feature a roller door over counters, in-wall gases, and cupboards which can be quickly locked down to make the room safe for the patient and providers. 
Combining compassionate, personal care with the world's most sophisticated technology, we are devoted to making sick children healthy once again. With increased financial challenges and uncertainties, philanthropy plays a larger role than ever in ensuring we meet this mission. We rely on community support to build a better future for all children. 
Your donation will help fund the creation of one of four rooms in the behavioral health unit, and ensure we can continue our legacy of exceptional pediatric care the children of central and south Georgia have known and trusted for more than thirty-years. And leave a legacy for Phi Mu members, both collegiate and alumnae, in the city of Macon, Georgia, where the rich history and tradition of what it means to be a Phi Mu began in 1852. 


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