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OPERATION Shamrocks for Kids: St Patrick's Day at Johns Hopkins Children's

Join us on February 24, 2022

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Friends of Hopkins, this year Team Allie's Cats is hosting our first St. Patrick's Day fundraiser!  

Our intent is simply to bring some extra smiles and laughs to Johns Hopkins Children's Center on St. Patrick's Day. To the family members, siblings, and of course the brave kids themselves.  

Allie was diagnosed with liver cancer in 2015.  She underwent surgery and chemotherapy, and was inpatient at Johns Hopkins on St. Patrick's Day.  So, Team Allie's Cats sees this as "our holiday" to host and support!  Every day is a reason to celebrate these shamrockers, and this is a great way to put something extra on their calendar for next month.  

All donations will go toward purchasing St Patrick's Day crafts, prizes, decor, and other items  to make their day or week a little more special.  The goal is to hit $5,000, to help fund activities and crafts.  Things like leprechaun traps (you can never have enough).  

Remember that many of these amazing kids will not get the same St. Patrick's Day you get. So before you plan your own St. Patrick's Day events (like parades, parties, and other fun activities), take a moment and help.

Also, if you come across amazing items to help spread cheer, buy in bulk. There are over 200 beds in the Children's Center, and that does not include the many siblings, parents, and other family members that visit daily. Order online and have it shipped to the hospital. If local, contact us for assistance in pick up or drop off.

Ship to: Department of Child Life, ATTN Operation Shamrock for Kids, Johns Hopkins Children's Center, Bloomberg Building Room 7217, 1800 Orleans Street, Baltimore, MD 21287

Allie was featured during Radiothon this year! Read and listen to her story! 

Upcoming Events

Stand by for some great events to be announced as soon as the amazing Radiothon campaign wraps up on Friday, Feb 25!   

Please consider donating today. Thank you!!


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