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Miracles Get a Thanks


Do you have someone at your credit union who regularly performs “miracles”? Who regularly gets tough jobs done and resolves problems, but who never gets as much credit as they deserve? Someone who goes above and beyond to make a positive impact in their community? Here’s your chance to give a very public “Thanks” to a miracle worker at your credit unions.

CU4Kids and are teaming on an initiative that both does good and recognizes the good. This Thanksgiving season, CU4Kids and are offering you the opportunity to bring a smile to a child and a spotlight to an unsung hero at your credit union. The two organizations have launched a fundraiser that offers credit unions the opportunity to buy a $100 raffle ticket that will be donated to the donor's local children’s hospital, with each participating CU having the opportunity to nominate one miracle worker and to publicly say thanks via a profile to be featured in In early November, one lucky CU employee’s name will be selected at random from all the credit unions that purchase a raffle ticket.

And whether the credit union’s nominee is chosen or not, all people nominated will have their names appear in, as well.

All funds raised will be disbursed to each individual donor's local children's hospital.

Here's how it works:

  1. Click 'donate to this campaign' and complete the $100 donation.
  2. During the donation process, you will have a chance to include the name of the employee you would like to recognize and why (keep this brief for now). If you aren't sure who the employee is yet, you can leave it blank and decide later if you win.
  3. Keep an eye out for communication around October 28th, when the campaign will be completed and we will work with the winner to create and publish the story in time for Thanksgiving.

Questions? Contact Nick Coleman, Director of Strategic Partnerships at CMN Hospitals: [email protected]


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