The Life Time Foundation

Why we exist

We believe every child deserves a healthy start.

We know that when children are well nourished and take part in safe, fun, enriching physical activity, their minds and bodies have the opportunity to flourish.

But we know that the inverse  is also true. Without proper nutrition and adequate activity children are put at risk of physical, cognitive, and socio-emotional chronic disease. And for too many of our children poor nutrition and inactivity are the present reality.

We exist because that present reality is not acceptable and, again, we believe every child deserves a healthy start.

What we do and how we do it

We approach the challenges that our nation’s children face with evidence-based focus; we work to improve youth nutrition and to promote youth physical activity.

Focused on the goals of good food being served in schools and increasing the opportunity for enriching school-based physical activity, we collaborate with incredible partners across the country, including 33 public school districts serving 1.7 million students nationwide, investing in long-term, custom-fit relationships that will yield durable, systemic change.

With all operational costs covered by Life Time, 100% of every dollar contributed to the Life Time Foundation directly supports our mission.