Children's Miracle Network Hospitals


Each year, millions of children require the kind of care that only children's hospitals can provide. Over the course of nearly 40 years, Children's Miracle Network Hospitals® has raised more than $8 billion for 170 children’s hospitals across the U.S. and Canada, ensuring that every child who enters a children's hospital receives the best possible care. These unrestricted funds go to each member hospital's most urgent needs, whether that's providing care to children without insurance, investing in research that discovers life-saving treatments and cures, training the next generation of doctors and nurses or offering families comfort and peace of mind during the most trying moments in their lives.

We make all this possible at the local level. When someone donates through a business or fundraiser in their community, the donation goes to their local hospitals through Children's Miracle Network Hospitals®. We couldn't do our work without the generosity of people like you. When we can change kids' health, we change the future - for all of us. To learn about Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals and your local children’s hospital, visit

Donations help kids like Yeira.

Yeira lives her best life with the help of her children's hospital - care she will depend on her entire life. She was born with an extremely rare incurable gastrointestinal disease. Her intestines simply do not work.  She receives nutrition through her veins and through a method that bypasses her intestines.  This care can cause fluid retention and tissue swelling for which Yeira receives a treatment daily. Without the treatment, the fluids can dangerously seep into her organs. Already, she has survived several life-threatening experiences, including a heart attack.  Donations to Children's Miracle Network Hospitals support several programs that give Yeira a world of possibility including the in-hospital school, playrooms and therapy dogs.