Dear Friends & Family,

Two summers ago I was hit in the chest with a lacrosse ball while playing goalie. My heart stopped and I collapsed on the field from a condition often referred to as commotio cordis.  Miraculously, my heart started again on its own without the use of CPR or an AED.  After being transported via ambulance to a local hospital, I was transferred to a large children’s hospital in the area where I spent the night for testing and monitoring.  I was discharged to the care of Johns Hopkins Children’s Center for additional follow up. I was so grateful for the care that I received at the Children’s Center that I started a social media campaign and raised money in support of the many ways they touch the lives of their patients and families each day.  

I am honored to now be one of the feature stories for the Mix 106.5 Radiothon February 23-24, raising money for the Johns Hopkins Children’s Center.  I hope you will consider supporting my participation in this event. All contributions will benefit the Children’s Center. Any contribution will help, and all donations are tax deductible.

Thank you for visiting my fundraising page!