It is unfathomable to me that my mom is no longer here and I am left to do things in her memory. The Mix106.5 Radiothon overlaps with her birthday every year.  I usually donate, quietly, crying, and during a "power-hour" where my gift is matched. This year I've learned that *** Every dollar raised through personal fundraising pages will be counted in this year’s Radiothon total and will be TRIPLE MATCHED by Royal Farms! ***.  So this year I ask that you join me, in remembering my beautiful mom, who has left such a lasting legacy of caring for others. She herself spent a significant amount of her childhood at Johns Hopkins Children's Center after first needing a tracheotomy as a younger child and then as teen after being hit by a car requiring multiple corrective surgeries. SHE SUPPORTED THIS FUNDRAISER, and now we do it for her, and for all the kids that will benefit from your generous gift (nothing is too small). Happy Birthday Mom, Love you always!