How to Sign Up

Golf Facilities

PGA Professionals can register themselves and their facility by following these instructions.

  1. Go to “Register Now!” on the "Home" page
  2. Select “PGA Professional” as your registration type.
  3. Enter your team name, which should be the name of your facility, so it will be easier to find later.
  4. Enter your fundraising goal and follow the remaining steps.


Get your participants to sign up by sending them to this website and following these instructions.

  1. Go to “Register Now!” on the "Home" page
  2. Select “Golfer/Participant”
  3. Find your team, which will either be given to you by your golf facility, or you can search for it. If your team hasn’t been created yet, check with your golf facility on when this will be ready.
  4. Enter your fundraising goal, make a donation if you’d like, and follow the remaining steps.

Setting Your Fundraising Goal

Annually, CMN Hospitals raises over $29 million through the game of golf. Most of this money is raised in small increments through various events and fundraising campaigns. Each course will be unique to its bandwidth to fundraise. We encourage our golf facilities who want to participate in a Family Golf Day event to set a minimum goal of $2,500 and for golfers to target raising $100. While these are our recommended minimums, we hope you can set your sights high and create the greatest impact possible for your local Children’s Miracle Network Hospital.