Upcoming Events

Please select from the events below to learn more about the event, review progress on the fundraising goals, register for the event or to make a donation.

Date Event
2000/01/0101/01/2000 Giving the Gift of Miracles!
2019/05/2005/20/2019 Vivint Solar & Children's Miracle Network Hospitals
2019/07/0307/03/2019 Super Hero 4 Kids
2019/08/0808/08/2019 Kapiolani Radiothon for Kids, Kapi‘olani Medical Center Dining Room - Honolulu, HI
2019/10/0110/01/2019 Stand For The Kids
2019/10/1210/12/2019 Plano, TX, 7100 Preston Rd - Plano, TX
2019/10/2310/23/2019 Duke University - Stand For The Kids Philanthropy, Duke University Bryan Center Plaza - Durham, NC
2019/10/2810/28/2019 Final's Care Basket Auction
2019/11/1011/10/2019 BullCon
2020/01/0101/01/2020 PhiDE HQ: Stand For The Kids
2020/01/2401/24/2020 BonnaMu
2020/02/0102/01/2020 Pennsylvania Beta's Miracle Making Donation Campaign
2020/02/0102/01/2020 Phi Delta Epsilon 9th Annual Benefit Ball
2020/02/0602/06/2020 Cheesin' for Children
2020/02/1402/14/2020 Flowers with Phi Mu
2020/02/1702/17/2020 WashU ZBT Philanthropy Week Spring 2020
2020/02/1802/18/2020 Phi Mu Carnation Sale
2020/02/2102/21/2020 Kissing Booth
2020/02/2302/23/2020 Anatomy Fashion Show
2020/03/0103/01/2020 Rainbow Radiothon on Cleveland's Star102
2020/03/0303/03/2020 Phi Mu Milkshakes for Miracles 2020, Phi Mu House - Hattiesburg, MS
2020/03/0603/06/2020 Casino Night 2020, Tuscumbia Railway Roundhouse - Tuscumbia, AL
2020/03/0803/08/2020 BullSmash
2020/03/1203/12/2020 Phi Mu Madness
2020/03/1203/12/2020 Cheesin' For The Children, Phi Mu - 503 Kentucky Blvd - Columbia, MO
2020/03/1303/13/2020 Cat Yoga, Tangeman University Center - Cincinnati, OH
2020/03/1603/16/2020 Miracle Madness
2020/03/1803/18/2020 Phi Mu Dodgeball, Mercer University - Macon, GA
2020/03/1903/19/2020 Pie a Phi
2020/03/2303/23/2020 ZBT Get on the Ball
2020/03/2503/25/2020 Mu Madness, Westside Courts - Tallahassee, FL
2020/03/2503/25/2020 Mu Madness, Westside Courts - Tallahassee, FL
2020/03/2503/25/2020 UM Phi Delta Epsilon's Anatomy Fashion Show
2020/03/2603/26/2020 2020 CMN All-Star Softball Game, Sunrise Optimist Softball Complex - Wichita Falls, TX
2020/03/2903/29/2020 Phi Mu Spikeball 2020, Sunken Garden - Williamsburg, VA
2020/04/0104/01/2020 Play Yellow
2020/04/0604/06/2020 Children's Hospitals Week with UH Rainbow, Everywhere - Cleveland, OH
2020/04/1004/10/2020 Bonnamu, Delaney McLelland - Fort Collins, CO
2020/04/1604/16/2020 24 Hours for CMNH
2020/04/2504/25/2020 RILEY TICKET TEST
2020/04/3004/30/2020 Phi Mu, Phi Nu at Rutgers University 2020 Fundraising Page, Rutgers University - New Brunswick, NJ
2020/05/0105/01/2020 Phi Mu CMNH Fundraiser
2020/05/0905/09/2020 Continue to Support Phi Mu and CMNH
2020/05/1105/11/2020 Medicine & Miracles Celebrity Dinner, Sawgrass Marriott Golf Resort & Spa - Ponte Vedra Beach, FL
2020/05/1605/16/2020 PhiDE MI Delta 2020 Beaumont Children's Fundraiser
2020/05/1705/17/2020 Phi Delta Epsilon - Virginia Alpha
2020/06/0106/01/2020 Walmart for Boston Children's Hospital
2020/06/0206/02/2020 Anthem LemonAid CHKD 2020, Virtual - Norfolk, VA
2020/06/0806/08/2020 Walmart for Boston Children's Hospital
2020/07/0107/01/2020 CHILDREN LIVE WHEN PEOPLE GIVE- heal others with your help.
2020/07/0407/04/2020 Phi Mu Convention 2020
2020/07/1107/11/2020 Boston Rocket League Tournament benefiting Extra Life
2020/08/0108/01/2020 Rainn Wilson Fundraiser
2020/08/0108/01/2020 Marciniak Team Community Give Back
2020/08/0508/05/2020 RE/MAX Realty 100 August Month of Miracles
2020/08/1108/11/2020 Inaugural Employee Test Tournament, Virtural WGT Golf Course - Kiawah Island, HI
2020/08/1508/15/2020 Phi Delta Epsilon IL Beta online Fundraiser, PhiDE Online Bingo Fundraiser - None, IL
2020/08/1908/19/2020 Phi Delta Epsilon Covid-19 Relief
2020/08/3008/30/2020 Ride For Miracles 2020, UnityPoint Health - St. Luke's - Sioux City, IA
2020/08/3108/31/2020 Fundraising Week, Florida State University - Tallahassee, FL
2020/09/0109/01/2020 CMN 2020 Every Family Campaign
2020/09/0109/01/2020 Off Track Events - Covid Busters Virtual Race Series, Any Spot - Any City, NY
2020/09/0309/03/2020 Credit Unions Got Talent!, via Zoom - Columbia, MD
2020/09/1009/10/2020 Kapiolani Radiothon for Kids on KSSK, Kapiolani Medical Center - Honolulu, HI
2020/09/1109/11/2020 24 Hours for the kids - Phi Mu Delta Tau, Virtual - Bowling Green, KY
2020/09/1609/16/2020 Phi Delta Epsilon Louisiana Alpha Chapter SFTK "Run for the Kids", Tulane University - New Orleans, LA
2020/09/1609/16/2020 OSUCOM Stand For The Kids! (SFTK)
2020/09/2109/21/2020 RE/MAX Gateway Charity Golf Event
2020/09/2109/21/2020 Stand For the Kids Phi Delta Epsilon PA Alpha
2020/09/2509/25/2020 Play Yellow + Dormie Signature Event, Cabot Links - Inverness, NS
2020/09/2509/25/2020 Dancing for the Kids, Veterans Memorial Park, Pavilion 4 - Florence, AL
2020/10/0110/01/2020 Phi Delta Epsilon MI Gamma CMN Fundraising
2020/10/0110/01/2020 For the Kids
2020/10/0110/01/2020 For the Kids
2020/10/0110/01/2020 FT5K
2020/10/0110/01/2020 Stand for the Kids Drexel
2020/10/0110/01/2020 LUC Phi Delta Epsilon Anatomy Fashion Show 2020, LUC Mullady Theater - Chicago, IL
2020/10/0510/05/2020 Social Media Push
2020/10/0710/07/2020 Phi Delta Epsilon NY NU SFTK
2020/10/0710/07/2020 SFTK 2020
2020/10/0910/09/2020 MA Beta CMN Campaign
2020/10/1110/11/2020 Fight for Likes
2020/10/1110/11/2020 Phi Delta Epsilon Letter Writing Campiagn
2020/10/1110/11/2020 Phi Mu Miracle Man Pageant
2020/10/1210/12/2020 Making Miracles for Kentucky, Online - Lexington, KY
2020/10/1210/12/2020 SFTK - KU STEP Study Material Fundraiser
2020/10/1210/12/2020 Stand for the Kids with KY Alpha at Transylvania
2020/10/1310/13/2020 MA Alpha Stand For The Kids 2020
2020/10/1410/14/2020 Stand For The Kids
2020/10/1410/14/2020 PhiDE Epsilon Eta - Marshall University SFTK
2020/10/1410/14/2020 Duke PhiDE Instagram Bingo for Stand For the Kids!
2020/10/1510/15/2020 Phi Delta Epsilon- OH Delta Fundraising Campaign
2020/10/1610/16/2020 Kids Can't Wait 30 Day Miracle Movement for Johns Hopkins Children's Center
2020/10/1610/16/2020 BonnaMu, Spring Park, Pavilion 3 - Tuscumbia, AL
2020/10/1710/17/2020 Stand for the Kids 2020
2020/10/1710/17/2020 Run4daKidz
2020/10/1710/17/2020 Phi Mu Rho supports CMNH
2020/10/1710/17/2020 Phi Delta Epsilon OH Eta Hot Chocolate Sale
2020/10/1810/18/2020 Phi Delta Epsilon MD Alpha STFK Week, Virtual Events - Virtual, MD
2020/10/1810/18/2020 PhiDE Dares
2020/10/1810/18/2020 Stand for the Kids- Phi Delta Epsilon Beta Tau
2020/10/1810/18/2020 Stand for the Kids - Phi Delta Epsilon Phi Chapter
2020/10/1810/18/2020 Stand For The Kids South Florida
2020/10/1810/18/2020 Stand for the Kids, Azusa Pacific University- Online - Azusa, CA
2020/10/1810/18/2020 Stand For the Kids
2020/10/1810/18/2020 Stand For The Kids Day
2020/10/1810/18/2020 MA Beta Stands for the Kids
2020/10/1810/18/2020 SFTK Virtual 5K PhiDE MD Beta, Virtual - Virtual, MD
2020/10/1810/18/2020 Stand for the Kids Week, PhiDE CA Lambda | Stand for the Kids - Merced, CA
2020/10/1810/18/2020 Stand For The Kids Virtual 5k Kent State, Virtual - Kent, OH
2020/10/1810/18/2020 National Philanthropy Week
2020/10/1810/18/2020 Phi Delta Epsilon CA Beta's Stand for the Kids
2020/10/1810/18/2020 Phi Delta Epsilon UCI - Stand For the Kids 2020, Stand For the Kids Donor Drive - Irvine, CA
2020/10/1810/18/2020 Stand For the Kids Donations - Mi Zeta
2020/10/1810/18/2020 Stand For the Kids--PhiDE DC Beta
2020/10/1810/18/2020 Stand for the Kids - UC Santa Barbara
2020/10/1810/18/2020 SFTK Virtual 5K Run/Walk, PLACE OF YOUR CHOICE - NONE, TN
2020/10/1910/19/2020 Help Make Miracles
2020/10/1910/19/2020 Phi Delta Epsilon IL Beta SFTK Online Fundraiser
2020/10/1910/19/2020 Stand For the Kids
2020/10/1910/19/2020 University of Georgia Phi Delta Epsilon's Stand for the Kids
2020/10/1910/19/2020 Phi Delta Epsilon's Stand for the Kids Donation Drive
2020/10/1910/19/2020 Stand for the Kids - PhiDE Hofstra University
2020/10/1910/19/2020 NEOMED PhiDE SFTK Fundraiser
2020/10/1910/19/2020 Phi Delta Epsilon Delaware Alpha Stands for the Kids
2020/10/1910/19/2020 UCLA PhiDE - Stand for the Kids 2020!
2020/10/2010/20/2020 Day of Hope, TBD - Toledo, OH
2020/10/2010/20/2020 Phi Mu Fall Philanthropy Week 2020, Phi Mu Philanthropy - Atlanta, GA
2020/10/2110/21/2020 Phi Delta Epsilon Stand for the Kids
2020/10/2110/21/2020 Stand For The Kids 2020 - IL Delta
2020/10/2110/21/2020 Stand for the Kids 2020 Reno, Stand for the Kids 2020 - Reno, NV
2020/10/2110/21/2020 Stand For the Kids- FL Alpha
2020/10/2110/21/2020 Rutgers PhiDE Virtual 5k
2020/10/2110/21/2020 Stand for the Kids Fundraising Rush
2020/10/2110/21/2020 Phi Delta Epsilon NY-Delta SFTK
2020/10/2110/21/2020 SC Alpha Virtual 5K
2020/10/2110/21/2020 SFTK Donor Drive
2020/10/2110/21/2020 Drive-In-Muvie, The Springs Cinema and Taphouse - Sandy Springs, GA
2020/10/2210/22/2020 Stand For The Kids 2020 Virtual 5K, Virtual - Location Will Vary - Columbia, MO
2020/10/2210/22/2020 Sweat For The Kids, Florida State University - Tallahassee, FL
2020/10/2310/23/2020 Run for the Kids 5k
2020/10/2310/23/2020 Stand For the Kids Game Knight
2020/10/2410/24/2020 Stand For The Kids Virtual 5k, Virtual - Savannah, GA
2020/10/2410/24/2020 BonnaMu, Online/ Virtual - Hattiesburg, MS
2020/10/2510/25/2020 UM Phi Delta Epsilon's Stand For The Kids, Virtual - Virtual, FL
2020/10/2510/25/2020 Newman Service Project
2020/10/2610/26/2020 Halloween Candy Grams
2020/10/2710/27/2020 I-week: Phamilies for CMN Hospitals
2020/10/3010/30/2020 Rock For Riley
2020/10/3110/31/2020 Phi Mu Miracle Market- James and Connie Maynard Children's Hospital, Greenville, NC
2020/10/3110/31/2020 Phi Mu Miracle Market- MUSC Shawn Jenkins Children's Hospital, Charleston, SC
2020/11/0111/01/2020 Philanthropy Week
2020/11/0611/06/2020 Caring for Kids Virtual 5K, virtual - anywhere and everywhere! - n/a, PA
2020/11/0711/07/2020 Anatomy Fashion Show
2020/11/0811/08/2020 Phi Mu Bingo, Virtual (Zoom) - Carol Stream, IL
2020/11/1111/11/2020 November Giveaway
2020/11/1311/13/2020 Miracle Crown, Kent State University - Kent, OH
2020/11/1311/13/2020 RE/MAX (virtual) Holiday Toy Drive
2020/11/1611/16/2020 SAE's Month of Giving Back
2020/11/3011/30/2020 Branson Ambassadors Council Miracle Week Fundraiser
2020/11/3011/30/2020 Giving Tuesday - Phi Mu Delta Eta
2020/11/3011/30/2020 Giving Tuesday - Phi Mu Delta Theta
2020/11/3011/30/2020 Giving Tuesday - Phi Mu Rho Iota
2020/11/3011/30/2020 Giving Tuesday - Phi Mu Delta Tau
2020/12/0112/01/2020 RE/MAX Creative Gives Back
2020/12/0112/01/2020 RE/MAX Creative Gives Back Kentucky
2020/12/0112/01/2020 Moonbeams for Sweet Dreams
2020/12/0312/03/2020 The Ballantyne Hotel's Gingerbread Lane
2020/12/0412/04/2020 2020 Rainbow Radiothon
2020/12/0512/05/2020 25th Annual Festival of Lights 5K, San Marco Square - Jacksonville, FL
2020/12/0812/08/2020 Acoustic Jam 2020, Rupp Arena - Lexington, KY
2020/12/0912/09/2020 2020 CMN Day of Giving - Giveathon, Lauren Small Children's Center: Memorial - Bakersfield, CA
2020/12/0912/09/2020 Un Día de Milagros Para Los Niños, Lauren Small Children's Center: Memorial - Bakersfield, CA
2020/12/1012/10/2020 Children & Art - Making Miracles - A Virtual Holiday Concert
2020/12/1112/11/2020 KS95 For Kids
2020/12/1112/11/2020 KS95 For Kids Radiothon, On air with KS95 - Twin Cities, MN
2020/12/1412/14/2020 Do You Want to Build a Snowman?
2020/12/1512/15/2020 MIX 101.5 Radiothon for Duke Children's
2020/12/1812/18/2020 ZBT at UMD: Get On The Ball
2020/12/3112/31/2020 104.3 WOMC Turn Up the Miracles Radiothon, Beaumont Children's - Royal Oak, MI
2021/01/0101/01/2021 Kiwanis Children's Care Program - Seattle Presents Shoot for the Cure
2021/01/0601/06/2021 Zeta Beta Tau / Help Make Miracles
2021/01/1901/19/2021 UC Anatomy Fashion Show (UC Merced)
2021/01/2501/25/2021 Phi Mu and Sigma Alpha Epsilon's Bingo for Miracles, Online - N/A, CA
2021/02/0102/01/2021 February Month of Miracles, virtual - Albuquerque, NM
2021/02/0102/01/2021 Kids Making Miracles 2021 benefiting OHSU Doernbecher Children's Hospital, Virtual - Portland and beyond, OR
2021/02/0402/04/2021 Cheesin' for the Children, Cheesin' For the Children - Oxford, MS
2021/02/0502/05/2021 Chocolates for CMN Hospitals
2021/02/0502/05/2021 Flowers with Phi Mu
2021/02/0502/05/2021 Phi Mu's Valentine's for the Kids
2021/02/0502/05/2021 Phi Mu Virtual Bingo
2021/02/0502/05/2021 King Cakes for the Kids, Phi Mu Lodge - Ruston, LA
2021/02/0802/08/2021 Florida Eta CMN Hospitals Donations
2021/02/1002/10/2021 Kickin' 92.5 and MIX 95.9 Cares for Kids Radiothon 2021
2021/02/1102/11/2021 Valentine's Day Fundraiser, Elmhurst University - Elmhurst, IL
2021/02/1102/11/2021 Roses for Riches
2021/02/1202/12/2021 Candygrams for a Cause
2021/02/1202/12/2021 Carnations for Kids
2021/02/1302/13/2021 BonnaMu 2021
2021/02/1402/14/2021 Valentine's Day Gram
2021/02/1402/14/2021 Cookies for Cook Children's
2021/02/1502/15/2021 Instagram Challenge Bingo Board (PhiDE NJ Beta)
2021/02/1502/15/2021 Palmetto Citizens FCU Children's Hospital Fundraising Campaign
2021/02/1602/16/2021 Phi Delta Epsilon - GA Gamma Annual Fundraising for CMN Hospitals
2021/02/1702/17/2021 Greek Series of Poker, virtual - virtual, IN
2021/02/1702/17/2021 Phi Mu TV Raffle, Virtual - West Lafayette, IN
2021/02/1802/18/2021 Coffee Lovers Raffle Basket
2021/02/1802/18/2021 Spa Raffle Basket
2021/02/1802/18/2021 STL Raffle Basket
2021/02/1802/18/2021 Kids Helping Kids 2021
2021/02/1902/19/2021 PhiDE SC Beta Chapter Fundraising
2021/02/2002/20/2021 PhiDE PA Alpha Mask Fundraiser
2021/02/2402/24/2021 Km for the Kids
2021/02/2502/25/2021 Just Dance Tournament, Zoom - Cold Spring, KY
2021/02/2502/25/2021 Phi Mu CMNH Trivia Night, Saint Louis University-Online - St. Louis, MO
2021/02/2602/26/2021 Phi Mu Valentines Meringue Sale, Phi Mu House - Cincinnati, OH
2021/02/2602/26/2021 Miracle Gala, Griffin Gate Marriott Resort - Lexington, KY
2021/02/2702/27/2021 Anatomy Fashion Show
2021/03/0103/01/2021 Bingo for Miracles with Phi Mu, Virtual - Virtual, SC
2021/03/0103/01/2021 Phi Mu Philanthropy Week
2021/03/0103/01/2021 Phi Kappa Theta - CMN Challenge 2021, Virtual Fundraising Event - Indianapolis, IN
2021/03/0103/01/2021 Battle of the Dad Jokes, University of South Carolina Aiken - Aiken, SC
2021/03/0203/02/2021 Phi Mu Philanthropy Week
2021/03/0303/03/2021 MA Beta CMN Campaign 2021
2021/03/0403/04/2021 Happy Birthday Phi Mu, Queens University, Virtual Event - Charlotte, NC
2021/03/0403/04/2021 Phi Mu Delta Tau - Founder's Day 2021 Fundraiser, Virtual - Lexington, KY
2021/03/0403/04/2021 Valentine's Bake Sale, Tarleton State University - Stephenville, TX
2021/03/0603/06/2021 Roger's Miracle Network
2021/03/0603/06/2021 Run for the Kids
2021/03/0703/07/2021 PhiDE OH Gamma - Banquet Week
2021/03/0703/07/2021 Cornhole For Kids, Salisbury University - Salisbury, MD
2021/03/0903/09/2021 94.7 WMAS Radiothon for Baystate 2021
2021/03/1203/12/2021 Bonnamu: A Benefit Concert, Flavet Field - Gainesville, FL
2021/03/1303/13/2021 CroomsCon 2021, www.Twitch.tv/CroomsCon - Sanford, FL
2021/03/1403/14/2021 PhiDE 5K: Race for Little Hearts
2021/03/1403/14/2021 Tulane PhiDE Walk/Run Fundraiser
2021/03/1503/15/2021 Charity Challenge
2021/03/1503/15/2021 Cheesin For the Children Cookie Sales
2021/03/1503/15/2021 Phi Mu Alpha Gamma is For the Kids: Virtual Letter Writing 2021
2021/03/1803/18/2021 Raffle Fundraiser, Elmhurst University - Elmhurst, IL
2021/03/2103/21/2021 PhiDE APU Professors Do Stuff 2021, PhiDE CA Mu at Azusa Pacific University - Azusa, CA
2021/03/2103/21/2021 Phi Delta Epsilon - IL Delta 5th Annual Anatomy Fashion Show, Virtual - Virtual, IL
2021/03/2103/21/2021 Phi Mu's Cornhole Tournament, Nicholls Tailgate Area - Thibodaux, LA
2021/03/2803/28/2021 Carnation BOWL
2021/03/2803/28/2021 Dare to Care, Virtual - Virtual, NJ
2021/03/2903/29/2021 Phi Mu Man of the Year
2021/03/3103/31/2021 Milkshakes for Miracles, Phi Mu Alpha Omicron - Hattiesburg, MS
2021/03/3103/31/2021 Milkshakes for Miracles 2021, Phi Mu at USM - hattiesburg, MS
2021/04/0104/01/2021 PhiDE HQ: Stand For The Kids
2021/04/0104/01/2021 Bingo
2021/04/0104/01/2021 Yoga with Phi Mu, TBD - Baltimore, MD
2021/04/0104/01/2021 Mr. CMNH Pageant
2021/04/0104/01/2021 Miracle Mac, Phi Mu Drive-Thru - Stillwater, OK
2021/04/0304/03/2021 Zoom-a-Thon Fundraiser, Zoom - Reno, NV
2021/04/0504/05/2021 $1 Bingo Board Dares, York College of Pennsylvania - York, PA
2021/04/0504/05/2021 PHI DELTA EPSILON MD BETA VIRTUAL 5K FUNDRAISER, Virtual - Virtual, MD
2021/04/0704/07/2021 Cheesin' for Children's, Samford University - Birmingham, AL
2021/04/0704/07/2021 PhiDE PA Beta Donation Drive, Virtual - Virtual, PA
2021/04/0804/08/2021 Phi Mu Theta Alpha Children's Miracle Network Hospitals Fundraiser
2021/04/0904/09/2021 Phi Mu Rho Iota - Spring 2021 Fundraiser, Virtual - Lexington, KY
2021/04/1004/10/2021 Phi Mu FT5K
2021/04/1104/11/2021 Anatomy Fashion Show, YouTube Live - Columbus, OH
2021/04/1204/12/2021 Kappa Chi's Spring Philanthropy supporting CMN Hospitals, University of Montevallo - Montevallo, AL
2021/04/1204/12/2021 Miracle Week
2021/04/1204/12/2021 Phi Mu - Children's Hospitals Week 2021
2021/04/1304/13/2021 Miracle Week - Dunk Tank, Millsaps College - Jackson, MS
2021/04/1404/14/2021 Milkshakes for Miracles
2021/04/1404/14/2021 Bonnamu, Park Tavern - Atlanta, GA
2021/04/1404/14/2021 RU Anatomy Fashion Show 2021, Virtual - Virtual, MO
2021/04/1504/15/2021 Phi Mu Paint and Picnic, Levine Lawn - Charlotte, NC
2021/04/1504/15/2021 Virtual Trivia Night, Virtual - Virtual, NE
2021/04/1604/16/2021 The Carnation Classic, Blackberry Trails Golf Course - Florence, AL
2021/04/1604/16/2021 Sigma Chi Derby Days 2021, 14 Fraternity Row, College Park - College Park, MD
2021/04/1604/16/2021 Hawk-A-Thon, Huntingdon College - Montgomery, AL
2021/04/1704/17/2021 Phi Mu - Kappa Spring Auction
2021/04/1704/17/2021 Spiking For Miracles, North Oak Park - Hammond, LA
2021/04/1704/17/2021 Phi-Mazing Race, University Green - Ball State University - Muncie, IN
2021/04/1704/17/2021 Among US Bracket tournament, ZOOM - Williamsburg, VA
2021/04/1704/17/2021 Cornhole with Phi Mu, TCU Campus Commons - Fort Worth, TX
2021/04/1704/17/2021 Movie with the Mu's, The Avalon - Boulder, CO
2021/04/1804/18/2021 PhiDE VA Alpha - CMN Hospitals Week
2021/04/1904/19/2021 Bonnamu 2021, University of Houston - Houston, TX
2021/04/1904/19/2021 Phi Mu's Miracles in Miles, Virtual/From Home! - Turlock, CA
2021/04/1904/19/2021 Game Pigeon Tournament Fundraiser, virtual event - Washington, DC
2021/04/1904/19/2021 Miracle Week: Spring 2021, Salisbury University - Salisbury, MD
2021/04/2104/21/2021 Log a Load for Kids at Broxton Bridge
2021/04/2204/22/2021 Miles For Miracles
2021/04/2304/23/2021 Lululemon Giveaway
2021/04/2404/24/2021 Grand Slam Softball Tournament, Troy Parks and Recreation - Troy, AL
2021/04/2404/24/2021 Strike out for the Kids, Bowlero - Kennesaw, GA
2021/04/2504/25/2021 KY Alpha at Transylvania University May is for Miracles
2021/04/2504/25/2021 GameChanger, Online Event - Tampa, FL
2021/04/2604/26/2021 April Showers Bring May Flowers!, SUNY Geneseo - Geneseo, NY
2021/04/2604/26/2021 Pie a Phi Mu
2021/04/2604/26/2021 Phi Mu Basket Raffle, Stevenson University - Owings Mills, MD
2021/04/2704/27/2021 Avery's Fundraiser For Hopkins Kids, Virtual - Ocean City, MD
2021/04/2804/28/2021 PhiDE TX Alpha SFTK Power Hour Fundraiser
2021/04/2804/28/2021 NEOMED PhiDe Delta Beta Chapter - Basket Fundraiser for Akron Children's Hospital, Virtual - Girard, OH
2021/04/2904/29/2021 Realtor Island Party presented by Motto Mortgage Impact, Mavi Waterfront Bar & Grill - Jacksonville, FL
2021/04/2904/29/2021 First Heritage Mortgage Bingo
2021/04/2904/29/2021 First Heritage Mortgage - Virtual Bingo, Online Virtual Bingo - Charlottesville, VA
2021/04/3004/30/2021 Ride for a Healthier Tomorrow
2021/05/0105/01/2021 CU PhiDE For the Kids
2021/05/0305/03/2021 UM Phi Delta Epsilon's Anatomy Fashion Show, University of Miami - Coral Gables, FL
2021/05/0505/05/2021 Family Feud, Virtual - Binghamton, NY
2021/05/0705/07/2021 Kickin' For The Kids, Intramural Field On Campus - Ruston, LA
2021/05/0705/07/2021 Raising Smiles
2021/05/0805/08/2021 NEOMED PhiDe Delta Beta Chapter - Basket Fundraiser for Akron Children's Hospital, Northeast Ohio Medical University - Rootstown, OH
2021/05/1505/15/2021 Rho Theta 5k, Elmhurst University - Elmhurst, IL
2021/05/1505/15/2021 virtual 5K, Binghamton University - binghamton, NY
2021/05/2805/28/2021 Great Greek Bake Off, TBD - New Brunswick, NJ
2021/06/0106/01/2021 LET'S GET IT DONE WITH KIWANIS 3+2+1!
2021/06/0106/01/2021 Credit Union Cherry Blossom Ten Mile Run Fundraising 2021
2021/06/0106/01/2021 SP+ Jeans for Genes
2021/07/2607/26/2021 FORE Children's, Various - Varius, MS
2021/09/0709/07/2021 eCO Credit Union Change for Children's
2021/09/0909/09/2021 Kapiolani Radiothon for Kids 2021, Kapiolani Medical Center - Honolulu, HI
2021/09/1209/12/2021 Tuesday's Run - Virtual 5k
2021/09/1809/18/2021 Walk for Miracles at the Detroit Zoo, Detroit Zoo - Royal Oak, MI
2021/09/2509/25/2021 Kiwanis Division 5 - Run 4 Miracles, Clovis East High School - Clovis, CA
2021/10/0110/01/2021 UMB PhiDe Stand For The Kids Fundraiser
2021/10/0810/08/2021 Kids Can't Wait 30 Day Miracle Movement 2021
2021/10/1710/17/2021 Phi Mu Rho Lambda FT5K, FT5K - Cleveland, OH
2021/12/0112/01/2021 Play Yellow Family Golf Day 2021
2021/12/0112/01/2021 Play Yellow Family Golf Day at Topgolf
2021/12/0312/03/2021 Play Yellow Family Golf Day at (insert course name) 2020, ABC - ABC, AL
2021/12/0312/03/2021 Rainbow Radiothon 2021, UH Rainbow Babies & Children's Hospital - Cleveland, OH
N/A 2019 Root Beer Float Day
N/A Aflac Childhood Cancer Campaign
N/A Aflac Childhood Cancer Campaign
N/A Aflac Childhood Cancer Campaign 2021
N/A Anthem LemonAid 2018
N/A Bears of Love 2021 Fundraiser
N/A Become a Phi Mu Convention Miracle Maker
N/A CDW's 2018 Fun Drive for CMN Hospitals
N/A CMN Hospitals with Direct Energy Business
N/A Costco MW Golf Classic 2018
N/A Costco MW Golf Classic 2019
N/A Costco MW Golf Classic 2020
N/A Costco MW Golf Classic 2021
N/A Home Warranty of America
N/A Join Direct Energy Services
N/A Kendra Scott and Children's Miracle Network Hospitals
N/A Kendra Scott supporting Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals
N/A Miracle Market 2018
N/A Miracles Start Here with Nordstrom 2019
N/A Musket’s 7th Annual Drive
N/A Musket’s Drive for a Child
N/A No Longer Active
N/A Pay It Forward
N/A Phi Delta Epsilon Golisano Fundraiser
N/A Phi Delta Epsilon MI Gamma CMN Fundraising
N/A Phi Mu Delta Omega MiracleList
N/A RE/MAX of Michigan Regional Conference
N/A Reverse Trick or Treating
N/A Stand For The Kids
N/A Stand for the Kids - UCF
N/A Walmart 2021
N/A Musket’s 6th Annual Drive for a Child
N/A Theresa Capital Demo
N/A Mission Critical Funding
N/A Anatomy Fashion Show and Stand For The Kids Week
N/A Walmart 2020